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I'll pass you over to Reohoko to report on this one. She gets sooo close to the authors!

Reo's Review

Oh, were you looking for me? Mmmm, well, I am certainly looking for you, especially after reading these amazing erotic tales in Deathstalker’s site. DS is so amazing, and so are these sexy stories. Mmmm, it makes me feel very warm and well, come a little closer, I want to show you… Will you come with me while I read the rest of the stories? You will love how the fingers and tongues move around their intended playmates, in descriptive terms and fascinating positions, filled with characters we just cannot help but fantasize about.

There are four erotic categories - Cartoons and Comics, Movies, Original, and TV. Featuring sexual adventures amongst characters, you may already be familiar with, and even sometimes in combinations that will make your heart race to reach the culmination of the copulation. Kinky twists on cartoon and comic characters includes nine tales and growing, designed just for growing, “All through the meal, Peter's erection was pressed against his pants, making a very noticeable bulge, and by the end of it, MJ's panties were totally soaked.” Mary Jane - Super Whore - Issue 01 - A New Job.

If you like to spend time hearing the gentle hungry moans of adventuring females, maybe you should read the stories of playful coworkers… “Smiling, Thirteen extended her tongue, dragging it slowly up Cameron’s slit, tasting her juices. Cameron moaned again, this time louder, and her butt came off the desk as she pushed up against Thirteen’s face.” House - Bisexuality in the Workplace. Maybe you should even read some of the bi-curious works in the tales of the Original category. “Jessica tilted her head forward and watched as Heller moved her head between her legs. A moment later, she gasped as she felt the woman's tongue give a quick lick at her moist slit.” - The XXX Connection….Two Jessica’s Are Better. It isn’t only oral sex and beautiful women - there are also adventures of unworldly creatures, a vamp named Dagon, pet werewolves, and demonic energies to get your blood flowing.

“Lena arched her back, pressing her chest up against his hands and starting to grind against him, enjoying the feeling of his hard shaft inside her.” - The XXX Connection - Prey and Hunter Part 2. “The crotch of the already dark underwear had grown darker with her moistness and Nathan could smell her arousal in the air.” - The XXX Connection - Demonic Energies Part 2. So many different themes, anal, oral, solo, cheat, reluctance, and even drunken bar action! More than forty stories filled with the most tempting of women, the most erotic of sexual encounters, and they are all here for you to read - but there are more categories too, like the TV and Movie sections that DS will add more tales to - more tales of your favorite categories with sexual encounters of your favorite characters.

Cum play in DS’s worlds of sexual encounters that will make your blood warm and racing, and so delicious to any passing vamps - I’ll go with you, there are fantasy tales of leprechauns too, even an alien or two, you will protect me, right? Or let the monsters capture us for playtime too. Let’s adventure forward and see what other amazing adventures they will have…


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